•  Allow him/her to have some free time and a snack upon getting home from school
  • Set up a quiet place for study/homework that is free from distractions
  • Provide the necessary tools to complete homework
  • Turn studying into a game
  • Reinforce math and reading skills in everyday life activities to help make skill practicing fun  (let him/her read recipes and/or measure ingredients, let him/her add up purchases at the store)
  • Check your child's homework before sending it back to school.
  • Help your child figure out errors and ways to correct them. 


·        Make sure your child is in school every day
·        Don't schedule medical appointments during  school  hours
·        Don't allow your child to be tardy
·        Get your child in the habit of eating breakfast every day
·        Get your child into a regular sleep routine
·        Encourage your child to exercise daily.


It is difficult to determine how children will react to various life-changing events. Everyone has their own unique way to grieve. When an event has occurred in your child's life, the most important thing to remember is to listen and be available when they need to talk. Try not to have any expectations as to when your children should resolve their feelings about losing a loved one, losing a pet, accepting a divorce, changes in their environment, or any traumatic events in their lives. (Remember, what may seem small to you may be huge to your child.)

Students who read well are more likely to be academically successful.  You can help your child by:
  • Using the newspaper.  Point out articles of interest for them to read.  Involve them in a conversation about the article.  Ask them to underline new words in an article then look them up together.
  • Scheduling reading time every day.  Research shows that students who read very day are more likely to read faster.
  • Learning a new word every day.  Find words in books your child is reading or ask the teacher for a list.  Have the family use the word in different sentences throughout the day to reinforce it's meaning.
If your child is going through a life-changing event, don't feel you have to deal with it alone. Please contact me, your school counselor, to assist you in any way I can.